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                Service concept

                All take the market as the center, all starting from the demand of customers.

                Profession: the professional team to provide professional services

                Passion, enthusiasm to treat every customer all along

                Fair: regardless of the contract value size, regardless of the old and new customers, regardless of the domestic and foreign customers are treated fairly

                Efficiency: high efficiency, respect for customers every minute of it

                Rigorous: the rigorous attitude in and style of work

                Responsibility: responsible, customer demand in the first place

                Pre-sale service

                Provide professional consultation: 1. At any time to provide clients with information on products, price, technology consulting, consulting approach including network, telephone, correspondence, the door and so on many kinds of ways;

                2. Provide sample service: paid for our customers to provide samples and mail;

                3. Provide at reception: customers can make an appointment for on-site inspection, the company provides professional reception.

                Sale service

                1. Honesty fairness: regardless of the size of the contract value, regardless of the old and new customers, regardless of the customers at home and abroad, we will be integrity, fair treatment;

                Ensure the quality: 2. Strictly implement the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract, the order of each product to the customer, we will strictly abide by the product standard, multiple quality inspection.

                After-sales service

                1. The company is responsible for the customer to product knowledge, product installation, use, market planning, market development, team management and so on carries on the free training, to ensure mutual benefit development hand in hand with the partners.

                2. The company purchased products to the customer to provide 2 years free warranty, life-long maintenance services. Warranty period damage product malfunction and part (except for man-made factors and force majeure factors), the company responsible for free maintenance free of charge, more than warranty, maintenance fee only at the cost;

                Service hotline: 400-830-2121

                Customers put forward any doubt, the constant photoelectric service personnel all can give you a reply within 24 hours and implement.